Meet Andrew

​I was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, to an immigrant father who had come to Canada in search of a better life. In 2006, I decided to answer a higher calling and set out to serve both North Vancouver and my country by running for federal office. The people of North Vancouver placed their faith in me by electing me as their Member of Parliament in 2008. I was grateful for their trust and proudly served them from 2008 until 2015.

As MP, I worked hard to secure millions of dollars of funding and investment for North Vancouver projects, including the new film school at Capilano University, the new Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver, and the soccer bubble and artificial turf field at Windsor High School. Although the 2015 election was a difficult loss, I understand that after ten years in government people wanted a change.

I was proud of what I had accomplished and the economic record of the Conservative government, including leaving Canada with a budget surplus and a strong economy. However, since the Liberals have gained power, we now have unimaginably large deficits, rapidly climbing debt, and economic uncertainty brought about by poor government policy and indifference to investment in this great country. We have all seen a severe erosion of trust with numerous scandals and violations of ethics laws, all pointing straight to the Prime Minister’s office. This is not what Canadians voted for!

We need to hold the Liberals accountable and we need to restore faith in our political institutions and Canada’s economic future. I understand the issues, I understand the North Shore community, and I understand what this country needs after four tumultuous years of Liberal government. Therefore, I am seeking your support in winning North Vancouver back for the Conservative Party of Canada, a riding I was born in, and am proud to call home.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my supporters and volunteers who worked so hard on this campaign. This was the best managed and executed campaign that I have ever been part of. The energy and dedication of the over 300 volunteers who worked throughout this campaign was remarkable. Although we didn’t get the result we had hoped for, we can be very proud of the work we did representing the Conservative Party here in North Vancouver.
I want to congratulate Jonathan Wilkinson on his re-election as MP for North Vancouver. I also want to thank the other candidates for putting their names forward and running good and respectful campaigns.
Canada is the best country in the world, and the efforts that we all put into our election process helps to keep our democracy strong!
Thanks again,
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